Matchmaking within management and marketing.
With your brand in focus.

To be honest, we are as good as our competitors in terms of recruitment processes, search and testing.

What makes us stand out is our understanding of your brand and how we best match your new colleagues with it. When done right you share each other’s values and visions to form a long-lasting partnership.

With over 15 years of experience working with management teams and marketing departments Competence Club helps you find your next colleague.

And yes, we like to be honest.


Do you need to temporarily strengthen your team with someone who gets started quickly? We ensure competence, personality and understanding of your brand. A flying start, in other words.

We help you find a CEO, Marketing Manager, Communicator, Project Manager, Strategist, Marketing Assistant, Social Media Expert, Designer, and everything in between. Of course, with Competence Club as the employer.


We know that individuals perform better and become more long-lasting when they share the vision and values with the company they work for. Therefore, the brand is always our starting point in all recruitment processes.

With our long experience of both recruitment and branding, we look forward to match your brand with the right candidate and the right expertise, whether it is a CEO, Marketing Manager, Communicator or Production Manager.

Our large network within management and marketing means that head hunting is always an important part of our recruitment process.


Are you facing organizational change? Do you want to strengthen your team or give it a boost in the right direction?

With over 15 years of experience working in the intersection of brand and organizational development, we help you find the keys to a more committed team. Call it Employer Branding, if you want.


· Personal Assistant & Facility Manager – consultant
”With a good understanding for both us and our consultant, Competence Club has distinguished itself as a very responsive and flexible recruitment company.”
Danielle Halliday
HR Manager – Marine Division
· Online Channels Analyst
· Activation & Content Team Lead
· Global Marketing Communications Manager
· Digital Channels Team Lead
”Competence Club has got to know us very well and has helped us put the puzzle on the marketing department.”
Frida Wilhelmsson Ulfbratt
Global Marketing Director, Communications and Brand
· Global Marketing Director
· Global Online Marketing Director
· E-commerce Marketing Director
· Content Coordinator
”With their understanding of who we are and what we value, Competence Club has quickly provided us with the right candidates when the time has been short.”
Helena Thiel
Vice President Marketing
· Content Manager – consultant
”Social media is a central part in the marketing of Prioritet Serneke Arena. Through Competence Club we hire a content manager whom from day one understood who we are and where we are heading.”
Anton Larsson
Property Developer


Today, a company’s brand is a very important aspect, often crucial, when considering an open position. Therefore, our starting point is always our client’s brand and what it stands for. We look at the vision, values and culture to get a clear picture of the company. Only then can we identify candidates who really match you. Of course with assured competence and suitability.

In addition to our long experience of recruiting to management teams and marketing departments, we have experience from various services within marketing, brand strategy, employer branding and management. This makes it easier for us to identify qualities of the candidates that their CV can’t tell.

We share offices with the brand agency Brand Club, our sister company.
A strength when matching the right candidates to your brand.



Linda Tjäder


Ulrika Sandberg